G. Schütz


Herr, wenn ich nur
Dich haben

SWV 280

Ach Herr strafe

SWV 24

Aus der Tiefe

SWV 25

S. Rachmaninov Fragments from Vespers op.37

№10 Having seen the Resurrection of the Lord
№9 Blessed art Thou, O Lord
№8 Praise the name of the Lord
№4 O serene light
№3 Blessed be the man

S. Rachmaninov Concert

Mother of God Vigilant in Prayer

F. Martin

Mass for double choir a cappella

P. Tchaikovsky Fragments from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom op.41:

VIII. The Creed
IX. The mercy of peace
X. We sing Thee
XI. It is meet