For the first time in Russia, the First Moscow International Master Class will be held

Master Class for Choral Conductors CHORUSLAB

from 13 to 19 March 2022

Master class information

A master class is a well-known form of sharing experience and learning new things through the vigorous activity of the participants solving the task assigned to them. The idea of the First Moscow International CHORUSLAB Master class is that recognized masters in the field of international choral performance demonstrate their unique working techniques to their young colleagues

Participants and listeners will have the opportunity to join the process of birth of musical masterpieces, for some time become students of recognized masters, which is not available in real everyday life

We hope that this master class will be the beginning of a long-term cooperation with our foreign colleagues in order to exchange creative experience

The organizer of the master class

The Vocal Ensemble ARIELLE, an autonomous non-profit organization

The general partner of the master class

The Academy of Choral ART named after Victor Popov

Master class under the guidance of Leaders

Young choirmasters from all over the world will have a unique opportunity to take a serious week-long master class under the guidance of the Master Class Leaders: the famous German maestro Frieder Bernius and a specialist in Russian choral music, one of the leading representatives of the modern Russian choral conducting school, Aleksei Petrov

Frieder Bernius

The leader of the master class

Three dates mark important events in the artistic career of Frieder Bernius. In 1968 he founded the Kammerchor Stuttgart (Chamber Choir of Stuttgart) with the intention of raising the a cappella choir music to the level of professional orchestral music..

Aleksei Petrov

The leader of the master class

Aleksei Petrov is a graduate of the A.V. Sveshnikov Moscow Choral School. Candidate of Art History. Laureate of all-Russian and international competitions. Member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Choral Society..

Individual consultations

Classes will be held during the week, during which each participant of the master class will participate in rehearsals of choirs as well as receive individual consultations from the Leaders

Famous choirs

Active participants of the master class will have the opportunity to work with choirs: this is a young, but already professionally proven Vocal Ensemble ARIELLE, led by a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory Elmira Dadasheva, as well as two collectives of the Academy of Choral Art named after Victor Popov: Students Choir and Chamber Choir, led by Associate Professor Aleksei Petrov

Final concert

The result of the week-long master class will be a concert at the Moscow International House of Music, where two sections of masterpieces of Russian and German choral art will be performed under the guidance of active participants in the master class and Leaders

Upon completion of the course, all participants will be issued a Certificate

Requirements for participants


From 20 to 40 years old


Higher or incomplete higher education in the specialty «choral conducting»

The procedure for selecting participants

Send an application

The selection of choirmasters for the master class will be based on video recordings on a competitive basis. Those wishing to take part must, no later than 01 March 2022, send an application to the email address indicating the name, age, information about the place of study / work and education received

Attach video

A video must be attached to the application, which must show the candidate in the process of conducting a choir of a piece of his choice. Based on the selection results, no more than 12 active participants and no more than 12 passive ones will be invited to participate in the master class

If a participant cancels his participation in the master class for any reason after payment, the fee for participation is non-refundable. The organisers have the right to postpone the master class due to force majeure.

Venue of the
master class

Concert Hall of the Academy of Choral Art
Moscow, Festivalnaya st., 2

Venue of the
final concert

Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of
Music on November 27, 2021. The event starts at 19.00